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Amazing cocktails at the Elegant Swan. We recommend the cranberry cocktail. Absolutely delicious!

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Hop across the street to the Electric Cinema, for a special screening of Gone with the Wind.

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Walk around the corner for a late night dinner at Moma's Kitchen, where they combine impeccable glamour with tasty dishes.

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As the most popular mobile game in the world, Clash of Clans boasts an enormous player base in both the Android and iOS ecosystems. But honestly, playing the game can be exhausting at times. Constantly mashing the next button as you gauge whether a base is worthy of being raided or not, it's a lot of work. Why not skip that work? Why not have a bot do it all for you? No more wondering, "if only I had a bot or something to do all this next mashing for me, if only I had a bot to raid for me!" With our bot for Clash of Clans that you can grab right now at

ClashOfClansBot.Xyz, wonder no more! Donate automatically to your clan members, get your walls and buildings maxed NOW just with the click of a button! That's all it takes with our CoC bot, with our bot, it takes effort to NOT max your base. Worried about SuperCell (the creators of Clash of Clans) banning you? No worries! Our automated raiding system dares to guarantee you a 100% no ban rate. How? Because we raid just like a real player would!